Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a listener or register an elderly relative?

Initially Contact us  from the Menu or ring Richard on 01278 684390 and he will discuss this with you.

One of our volunteers will arrange to visit and can provide one of our players free of charge to you and demonstrate how to use it.

Will the listener need to borrow a player or can the memory stick be played in a computer?

We can provide one of our players free of charge and demonstrate how to use it or it can be played in a computer with a USB socket. Some modern radios also have a USB socket so it will play on these as well.

You can also listen through this website via Amazon’s Alexa  (more details here)and the Talking Newspapers app (more details here)

 How much does it cost?

If the listener is registered blind or partially sighted, the service is completely free of charge as we take advantage of The Royal Mail’s free post service.

How does the listener return the memory stick to you once the news has been listened to?

Each postal wallet has a double sided address label. It will arrive with the listener’s address showing and we ask the listener to reverse this address label once they have finished listening and post it back. No stamp is required. The wallets are delivered to us for the following weeks recording.

Will the listener be expected to make a donation towards the running costs of the charity?

No one is expected to make a donation. But some people do like to show their appreciation in this way and because we rely on donations for our on going running costs, these donations are always very much appreciated.

If the listener lives in a nursing home, will they still be able to have the memory stick delivered to them?

Yes of course, just give us the address and we can arrange for the memory stick to be delivered there each week.

What if the listener goes away for a few weeks, can the memory sticks be stopped and restarted later?

Yes, just let us know and we can amend our records accordingly.

If the listener moves away from the area, will they be able to continue receiving the weekly news?

Yes, we have a few listeners who have moved away from the area but like to keep in touch with Bridgwater. Please contact us to let us know the new address and we will do the rest.

What do I do if I have a problem playing the memory stick?

Please contact Richard on 01278 684390, or Dee 01278 429968 and she will be able to advise you.

If the address label is mislaid, what address should the wallet be posted back to?

The Bridgwater Talking Newspaper, 12 Bincombe Road, Bridgwater, TA6 4LG

I’m not registered blind or partially sighted but had a stroke last year and can no longer hold the paper to read it. Will I be eligible to receive your service?

Yes. Contact us  we will arrange for one of our volunteers to visit you and provide one of our players and demonstrate how to use it.

What should I do if I wish to stop receiving the service?

If for any reason you decide you no longer want to receive the weekly recording of the local news then let us know. Alternatively, a note can be put in the wallet when returning the memory stick. It would be appreciated if your player could be returned, by post if necessary, to the address as above, and if you clearly mark the package “ARTICLES FOR THE BLIND” it should be accepted post free.

If you have any further questions which aren’t covered above, please contact Richard on 01278 684390 or click on contact us.